May 17, 2010

Playing Doctor When There is None

Little bodies
puppy dog eyes
baby hands
with swollen bellies
What worms are living there?
Let me see your feet
Your toes are tiny and perfect
Your arm is beyond the limit of severe malnourishment, an alarming circumference of 12 cm.
Your lungs crackle with a respiratory infection
At least your heart beats strong
Your conjunctiva is wrinkled with the first signs of Vitamin A deficiency
Your hair brittle and discolored
Open your mouth
We find dental caries in every molar.
The corners of your lips cracked with angular cheilosis
Your lymph nodes swell
I cradle you on my lap
Your ear hurts?
You have chronic diarrhea?
Malaria three times?
You are four years old

Grateful to find you here.
We can help you
Take this Mebendazole to deworm your tummy
And this Vitamin A to heal your eyes

But where are the doctors?

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