May 17, 2010

Future husband?

Sitting across from a former telemarketer
Law office clerk
Football player
Reeking of cologne
TV lover
Rides a motorcycle
And is looking for a foreigner to marry so he can get out of India.
Dola has set salty snacks in front of us and left us in awkwardness to munch in humiliating silence.
We have nothing in common.
He tried to go to Austrailia to visit his uncle, but they required he be married to obtain a visa.
Now he has found perhaps the one person least interested in marriage, and the most bombarded by requests to help people to America.
He literally asks me if I will help him with a
"Marriage of Convenience."
Many foreigners help out Indians this way!

Sorry. In my country we don't do that. We marry for love. 


Why don't you find a job or go to school?

The only job I can get is cruises and it is too much work to get those jobs. I don't want to continue any studies, school doesn't interest me.

So basically you are the most unappealing person asking me to marry you for the purely selfish reason to leave your country out of your own laziness to get out by your own merit.

But since I could not say that to him I instead focused all attention on consuming the bowl of spicy fried rings and feeling entirely demeaned as a woman, until Donovan asked me to have a date with him.

I don't like dating boys and I will never get married.

He seemed to get the message.

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