July 4, 2010


When men yell at you pick-up lines like "Japan!" "Hey sexybaby!" "Want fuck?"
When they accidentally on purpose brush the sides of your hips in a pathetic effort to get a high off a split moment of contact with the female body,
When they follow you around Buddhist temples attempting to talk to you when everyone else is silent and in fact meditating,
When they offer you directions to your destination but in return expect a date and sex and won't stop putting their arm around you and holding your hand until you literally HIT them,
When they send you text messages in the middle of the night telling you how sweet you are looking and have you eaten your dinner how are you baby?
And when they see you only as a vehicle for their visa approval to get to your country through a marriage of convenience,
And when you tell them for protection of your own safety that you are married they ask if you believe in extramarital affairs,
My first instinct when I see a man is to avoid eye contact, detract attention from myself, and hope desperately that they won't speak to me. I cannot help but be absolutely disgusted by the entire male gender, cynical about the motives of all men, and doubtful that I will ever find a respectful gentleman nevermind a partner. Not that I have the energy left for a relationship after a day of being barely able to survive mentally and physically in the most stressful, unromantic place that has successfully turned me into an asexual being.

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