March 16, 2010

Oh India

Why do you pull my limbs from my torso?
Have you no conscience?
Have you no respect?
Your people assault me,
And affront my senses with terrors.
You are absolutely primitive and viscious.
You prey on me as a falcon upon an unknowing mouse.
Your tricks
Your lies
Your vanities
Your obnoxious friendliness is like an over-iced cake.
Your cheaters feed me such things.
Do you see your sins?
Or do you ignore your horrifying misdeeds, excusing them as survival?
Oh how I hate you India.
Hate is a strong work for a strong place.
You torture me.
Your cleverness is uncanny,
Your misguidance surreal.
Is this a dream?
Because it could not be true what you have told me.
If it is, this world is a broken place.
Perhaps irreparable.
Why do you teach deception?
Why do you breed selfishness?
Why do you exhale hatred?
It is a wonder you have not yet swallowed me
to rot within the bowels of your hell.
Instead you merely chew me slowly and cruelly,
piece by piece,
crushing my idealism, breaking my hope,
draining my soul
If I escape I will be merely alive
Left deformed as the beggars who plague your streets,
Merely the refuse of your factory,
Doomed to a life of despair and neglect
Spare me India!
Or at least leave me my eyes untouched.
For you have already removed my eyelids
Forcing me to witness the crimes of humanity
I only wish to see
So that I may protect my body from the bites of flies
While you devour my insides and cripple my heart.
Oh India have mercy.

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  1. I hear your pain. Wish I could help. Some problems are so overwhelming.