March 4, 2010


As I furiously comb the seemingly benign colorless critters from my scalp I have finally paid the consequence of my admittedly poor hygiene. I even recall the moment at which I contracted the lice, as I posed for a picture with the small slum girl at the orphanage after drawing her portrait. I knew I was testing my luck since she had just received permethrin from the doctors for the treatment of this common annoyance. After having attempted to conserve resources by washing my hair only 2 times a week for the past few years, and having forgotten the last time I even owned a comb, I admit my unattention to cleanliness as I am sorely regretful of my shampoo stinginess. Instead now, I wash my hair and body twice per day with a vengeance hoping to rid my head of these parasites. Though thankfully not life-threatening, I cannot help but feel embarassingly filthy as I scratch blindly trying futilely to loosen the insects' grip upon my flesh.

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