February 22, 2010


A place where malnutrition turns a child's hair pale, brittle, and thin.
A place where the overpass is the roof for hundreds of dwellers who hold steadfast to their territory against police raids out of both stubbornness and the pure lack of alternative.
A place where children cut open your bags to steal your cameras and wallet while their sisters distract you by doing the 2-finger twisty handshake.
A place where drunkards complain of cracked skin demanding to be seen by the doctor as if it is an emergency meanwhile breathing stinky alcohol fumes in annoyingly pestering closeness into your face.
A place where no child has had a vaccine, and worms extend babies' bellies to a point that is no longer cute.
A place where school is a luxury, perhaps even such a foreign apparatus as not to be used at all.
A place where new babies are born every day due to lack of family planning, entering a world of injustice, destitution, starvation, and utter chaos.

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