February 16, 2010

Bess Crawford Orphanage

A small pot of curry potatoes, some chapati
Was breakfast and lunch for 69 + orphans
Brother Christopher says
Every day he goes door to door
Begging for vegetables and money
To feed the orphan children
The teachers and he eat the food first
While the children have Vitamin A deficiency
Give them papaya
One time he did
How much food do you give them?
Only as much as I can get, all I get, I give to them
I have no money
7 teachers
double as cooks
1 gatekeeper
A doctor volunteering
Shameful record of immunizations
Obvious evidence of malnutrition
Children sleep in a warehouse on the floor
A disaster
A black hole of need
So small amount of food you give?
At least we give them
He says

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