June 27, 2010

To you

I came to India with unrivaled idealism
The hope to change the world
The optimism of a child and the naivete of a girl
I have been faced with deception, theft, manipulation, and cruelty.
Revenge, jealousy, lies, exploitation
Man's true nature unveiled
In hideous horror
To virgin eyes
My heart has been broken
My world turned upside-down
I have become suspicious, cynical, exhausted by sin
And haunted by the selfishness that not only surrounds me,
But that lurks within myself
My disillusionment crippling
My faith in humanity crushed
I doubt even my own motivations,
My ambitions
And certainly my capability to bring good to this world
Are we beyond repair?
Can we hope for more than brokenness?
Some days, I think not
Some days, the depression convinces me that we are doomed,
Prisoners of our own making
Destined for failure
And impossibly trapped
By shackles of greed
But you!
You come and hold my hand
You warm my body with chai
You share your food and home
You lift me up the mountain
You point to the brilliant sunset
That I could not see
For I was buried in my elbows,
Ashamed of my tears
And I see
That perhaps
The world still has tender moments of beauty
That can live just as long as they are protected by the weapon
That is love.

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