January 9, 2010

Interesting things

Hygiene and random daily things
- the spraying of air freshener on the plane
- Christmas music in Delhi airport
- light switches on is down
- no toilet paper, but rather rinsing oneself with water from buckets
- staying on the left side of the road and sidewalk
- 11.5 hour time difference
- bucket showers and hot water only at certain times of day
- the sweeping of beds by house-cleaners
- everyone wears scarves, jackets and hats, as if it were January in New England, despite the quite pleasant warm weather of around 65 degrees

- the "momo", the Indian version of the dumpling, filled with vegetables and absolutely delicious
- the dosa, a huge piece of very thin fried dough and vegetables inside, with three types of delicious sauce

- Chai Wallas literally bring chai around every hour to every person in every workplace, for free. It is pretty much the best thing ever. This sweet, milky, spiced drink (that I already loved) is what keeps people going all day. It comes in these little clay cups that are perfectly disposable since they are biodegradable. It is so practical and wasteless. The concept of chai I think is my favorite thing about India so far.


  1. I have you on my Google reader so I know right away when you have a new post. Love hearing about what you're experiencing. I wish we had a chai wallah at my school - so very civilized!

    Love, Mom

  2. Dosa! (Thosai, Dosai, whatever)Lentil pancakes! I eat them every day for lunch at school. Delicious!

  3. Hi Emma! I finally got a chance to read your blog. I'm glad you're safe and finding your way. I really feel like one of my kids is there so I am proud of you and worry about you at the same time. But this is how we grow through experiences that will shape our lives. Be careful about your diet and hydration. Thank you so much for sharing through those wonderful eyes of yours. Please give Jack my best. We are all worrying about Haiti after their earth quake. More and more I feel we are all connected - hopefully in love, solidarity and respect. JW